Faculty of Physical Training

1. About us

Physical Education and Military Defense were established in 1979 directly under control of the University Management Board. By 1996, with the establishment of the Faculty of General Economics, Physical Education and Military Defense had been included as official courses of the Faculty.

On July, 1998, Physical Education and Military Defense courses were integrated into the Faculty of Physical Training and Military Defense directly under the order of University Management Board, based on the foundation of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City organizational structure.

On November, 2005, Faculty of Physical Education and Military Defense were renamed into Faculty of Physical Education and included one Physical Education course in its training program.

In 2006, Physical Education was split into two separate courses: Basic Physical Eduation course and Elective Physical Education course.

In 2006, Faculty of Physical Education devided its main course into two renamed sub-courses: Collective Physical Education course and Individual Physical Education course.

The Faculty of Physical Education is operated by 11 people, comprising of 10 teachers and 1 secretary. There are 5 people with Master’s degree (4 Master of Physical Education, 1 Master of Sport Management), 4 Bachelor of Physical Education, 1 Bachelor of Economics, and 1 Intermediate of Physical Education.


2. Function - Mission

2.1. Function

Teaching: Volleyball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Badminton, Basketball, Soccer.

Teaching and marking for university students (Normal Class, High Quality Class - ISB Class).

Training university sport teams (Personnel - Student). Participating in competitions held in Ho Chi Minh city by the Ministry.

Cooperating with Union - Faculty of Political Affair - Youth Union - Student’s Association to organize indoor and outdoor university activities.

Organizing university sport competitions (Personnel - Student).

Participating in referee work for university sport competitions (Personnel - Student)

Organizing the machinery of the Faculty including: Course manager, Facultyal secretary, schedule, scientific research, and modifications to training programs in order to fit with the realistic requirements.

2.2. Mission

Faculty of Physical Education built their training programs according to the requirements given by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Composing Physical Education curricular subjects for university students, including 3 credits (45 periods) for 2 terms. Students will earn 1 credit for the first term after completing 15 periods of study, and 2 credit for the second term after 30 periods of study. All the physical education modules include both theory and practice.

The first term (first module): This is a compulsory one for students to complete before moving to the next module. The term is designed to guide students on several basic skills of the course.

The middle term is meant for students with having failed to pass or enroll in physical education course before (both first and second modules).

The final term (second module): This is an advanced module, which serves to guide students on the techniques to improve personal skills in their favorite subjects, methods of organizing competitions, referee skills.


 3. Organizational Structure

The Faculty of Physical Education currently is operated by 11 people, including:

1 Head of Faculty

1 Deputy Head of Faculty

1 Head of Collective Physical Education course

1 Head of Individual Physical Education course

1 Head of Labor Union of Faculty

5 teachers

1 secretary


4. Contact

·        Address: 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

·        Phone:  (028) - 38257953

·        Email: gdtc@ueh.edu.vn

·        Website: http://gdtc.ueh.edu.vn