School of Economic Mathematics - Statistics

  1. About us

The precursor of School of Economic Mathematics and Statistics (SEMS) is Faculty of Mathematics-Statistics-Informatics, which was established in 1976, in the same time with the formation of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Since the first course, Faculty of Mathematics-Statistics-Informatics had started training in Statistics in the field of Economic Information Systems. In the fourth course, the Faculty trained two more majors with the title: Economic Control and Information Processing. In 2002; the Department of Information Processing was seceded to become the the Faculty of Informatics and Management and the Faculty of Mathematics-Statistics-Informatics was renamed School of Economic Mathematics and Statistics.

  1. Objective

The Business Statistics major aims to provide to students knowledge in Economics, business and marketing research, and in-depth knowledge of information systems, research methods, statistical techniques and data analysis skills. The Bachelor of Economics with Business Statistics major is a specialist in research and analytical techniques. Students who graduate from this major have the capacity to plan, design and conduct research, especially in marketing researches. Students can work with different occupations such as customer service, research design, measurement and data processing, data analysis in marketing research companies, production companies, banks, and so on.

  1. Program

Currently, SEMS has two majors: Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics. The Financial Mathematics major aims to train Bachelor in information systems with good political and ethical qualities, with basic knowledge in economics, social affairs, business administration, and in-depth knowledge in Applied Mathematics in economics and finance, Statistics, Informatics. Bachelor of Economics with Financial Mathematics major has the ability to research, analyze data and make good decision on financial investment which based on mathematical methods, data processing and modern computational techniques. Students are equipped with modern financial knowledge such as financial asset valuation analysis, derivative securities, risk analysis, portfolio management and financial forecast.

  1. Organizational structure

The number of staff members of the SEMS is 42 including 40 lecturers and 2 secretaries, among whom 16 are PhDs, 21 are masters and 5 bachelors, and distributed into 4 divisions: Advanced Mathematics, Economic Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and Statistics – Data Analysis.

The SEMS’s teaching staff is highly qualified, well-trained in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics in finance and economics, Statistics from famous universities in Vietnam as well as in developed countries such as Australia, Sweden, and US. The lecturer staff have extensive experience in teaching and research. Additionally, SEMS often organizes weekly professional seminars to improve the knowledge, the teaching and research methods, and share research’s results in order to establish a highly profession academic environment for its lecturers and students

  1. Contact

Address:  Room A9, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, HCMC

Phone:  028.38244544 - 028.38243064