[STBI-21-06-2018] Irrigation water efficiency in coffee production: Does technology or sustainability certification matters?

Dear professors, colleagues and students,
We would like to invite you to participate in the 2018 STBI Brown Bag Series at the UEH School of Economics.

We welcome Dr. Thong Quoc Ho to present his ideas during the Brown Bag session. 
Topic: Irrigation water efficiency in coffee production: Does technology or sustainability certification matters?
Time: 11:00 – Friday, 21st June, 2018
Venue: Room H.001, Campus H, UEH School of Economics, 1A Hoang Dieu, Phu Nhuan District
The language of presentation: English

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The 2018 STBI (Small Talk Big Idea) Brown Bag Series is built upon the success of the STBI Seminar. This year, the organizing team has decided to experiment with a new format to make the event less formal and more open. It is held on every other Friday from 11:00 a.m to 12:15 p.m; the speaker and audience will have 10 minutes to mingle and complete their lunch of bread which is normally wrapped in brown bags. The School of Economics will provide free coffee, water for everyone and a sandwich/bánh mì lunch for the speaker. If the weather permits, the presentation will be held in the lobby area at the School’s venue on Hoang Dieu Street, Phu Nhuan District.
You are encouraged to bring your own bread for lunch and mingle with the speaker at the beginning of the session. 

Organizing Team

Dr. Thong Quoc Ho, currently working as a lecturer for the Department of Economics, Tay Nguyen University, is now under a write-up scholarship funded by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He has recently finished a Ph.D. program at the School of Economics and Finance, QUT. Thong also obtained his Masters’ degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His research interests are about (i) efficiency and productivity analysis; (ii) economic and environmental performance analysis; (iii) economics of climate change; and (iv) applied econometric analysis. He also worked as a teaching assistant and research assistant at QUT. 
His recent papers were published in Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (EAP) and Journal of Cleaner Production (JCP). He has also served as a referee for several journals, i.e., Economic Analysis and Policy, Journal of World Development, and Journal of Industrial Ecology.

The unsustainable use of irrigation water is one of the most serious environmental concerns in coffee farming. Many sustainability certification schemes aim to promote more sustainable water use; however, there lack empirical evidence on the effects of those schemes on water efficiency. This study measures water efficiency and examines the effect of certification on water use, employing a dataset of 896 Vietnamese coffee farms over three crop years. Due to distinct differences between the two predominant irrigation methods - overhead sprinkler and micro-basin irrigation technologies - the meta-frontier framework is used to estimate water efficiency of sustainability certified and non-certified farms. Results confirm that farms using the sprinkler system are more efficient than farms using the micro-basin irrigation technology. Average water efficiency scores with respect to these technologies are less than 0.5, implying that farms can reduce water use by more than 50% without trade-off scarifying. After controlling for differing technologies used, the effect of sustainability certification on water efficiency is not significant. Our results favour interventions that aim to promote the adoption of advanced irrigation technologies to reduce consumption of irrigation water.

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