UEH attends the Annual Meeting of Project JEUL - Erasmus + in the Czech Republic

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH) is one of 09 member schools, attending the progress report at the Project. The UEH mission included Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoai - Vice-President; Ph.D. Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh - Head of JEUL Project at UEH and Assoc. Tran Tien Khai - Department of Scheduling - Testing.

JEUL 2020 Annual Meeting at Skoda Auto University

UEH delegation at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the JEUL Project

From 10 to 11/01/2020, at the annual meeting, delegates from the schools presented and discussed the results of projects, especially activities related to the task packages (Work Packages) of the International Member Schools.

From 13 to 17/01/2020, at the Embedding the Results of the Enterprise Survey and Feedback from Student Placements Workshop, participants discussed key issues, such as: JEUL enterprise survey results, Practical business experience; Practical education; Curriculum development; Develop entrepreneurship and cooperation with businesses.

Prof. Nguyen Trong Hoai met and exchanged views with Professor. Maurizio Pompella - JEUL project leader

The final part of the program is a presentation from Vietnamese and Chinese schools about the results, experience drawn from the  Work Packages of the Project, and the prospects for developing upcoming activities.

Presentation of the UEH delegates

At the seminar, the UEH delegation presented, discussed, and actively contributed to the activities. Within the framework of the JEUL project, UEH has participated in 4 work packages, including WP1 -  Establishing relationships with enterprises, WP2 -  Building and using case studies in teaching  ( DEV), WP3 -  Identify skills and knowledge that students lack and attach necessary skills to the curriculum (DEV), WP4 -  Develop teaching materials for two university modules on the pathway of business-related learning (Pathway Enterprise) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE ).

All 04 work packages (Work Packages) completed were fully reported and appreciated at the Conference. In particular, the establishment of the UEH Simulation Center for practical and research activities, funded by the Erasmus + JEUL Project of the European Commission, confirms UEH's high determination and determination in translate academic training into a real working environment.

Presentation of Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh at the JEUL Conference 2020

The Erasmus + JEUL project and the experience gained from Skoda Auto University have contributed significantly to UEH's development strategy in reorienting practical training programs at the enterprise. For UEH, developing relationships with businesses brings many benefits to students. UEH is strengthening this relationship with a variety of solutions at the school, department, and training levels. The practical experience gained from the JEUL project and Skoda Auto University has been applied by UEH to the internationalization strategy and curriculum innovation of the University.

Presentation of Assoc. Tran Tien Khai at the Conference JEUL 2020

The educational environment has been continuously changing in recent years. Businesses compete intensely in finding talented students. Students must meet the requirements of employers, such as soft skills, professional skills. At the same time, universities need to meet graduate employment rates and adhere to international quality assurance and accreditation standards.

In 2020, UEH will continue to develop its training program, focusing more on the connection between University and business. Stakeholder engagement: employers, alumni, and experts will be focused on the curriculum improvement process. Integrating internships, experts to guide students, apply case studies and approaches to problem-solving, increase the number of students visiting businesses, effectively using the Center Simulating co-financing by the European Commission's Erasmus + program, encouraging students to work part-time at businesses is an important way for UEH to improve its curriculum.

In the near future, UEH will seek additional funds to increase the opportunity to learn from international models and improve business partnerships for lecturers and officials. The JEUL project is an important channel to support these changes.

JEUL - Enterprise-University Links (JEUL) Project was established under the framework of the program "Erasmus + Enhancing the capacity of educational institutions through cooperation programs with businesses", starting from October 2017 is expected to October 2020. The Project will introduce creative elements to create positive and pervasive impacts, contributing to improving the capacity of partner schools in developing countries (namely China and Vietnam). The Project is 934,494 €, financed by the European Commission (EU) with 09 partners, including 05 European Universities, 02 Vietnamese Universities, and 02 Chinese Universities.

Source: UEH delegation of JEUL Project, Department of Communications and Public Relations.