UEH internationally launches the Institute of Smart Cities and Management, awards the international competition "Future City: Smart Design for the Post-Pandemic World"

The event introduces the Institute of Smart Cities and Management to the  international community and ISCM's training and research fields with departments, departments, sectors, partners, scientists ... in the economic field, management, urban, transport, environment domestic and  with the goal of anticipating and getting ready for the exciting opportunities that smart cities bring about.

An overview of the event

The event was attended by Dr. Lee Ju-ho - President of Asian Education Association, Former Minister of Korean Education; Dr. Park Young June - President of I Mediator, Former Deputy Minister of Industry of Korea; representatives of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Communications and Information; representatives of New Zealand Consulate in Vietnam, representatives of the American International Development Agency; Professors and lecturers representing Handong Global (Korea), Auckland (New Zealand), Portland State University (USA), Viet Duc University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam Aviation Academy, Ho Chi Minh City Development Research Institute, Southern Planning Institute and other universities and institutes; representatives of B+H Architects, Handong Construction Company (Korea), IOT LINK Co., Ltd, OMGVing (Belgium), Infinity Blockchain Ventures (Malaysia), Smith Group (USA), VNI (Vietnam). Regarding the UEH side, there is Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal; together with all of the guests, students and radio workers were present in the event.

At the ceremony, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - President of UEH said: According to the multi-disciplinary development orientation of the University, the Institute of Smart Cities and Management will become an excellent training and research institute in the field of Smart Cities - where technology and human thinking become powerful tools to solve urban problems, especially in the face of the fast and unpredictable change of the time. Therefore, with close cooperation, Professor believes that ISCM-UEH and its partners will contribute to improving the quality of education and urban life - towards a smart and sustainable city through 3 activities include: (1) Integrated Education (2) Research and Development (R&D) (3) Solve practical problems through projects.

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal of the school was making a speech

Delegates were watching the online presentation of Dr. Lee Ju-ho - President of the Asian Education Association, Former Korean Minister of Education on the topic: High Touch - High Tech: Digital Transformation in post-Covid-19 education

Dr. Trinh Tu Anh - Director of Institute of Smart Cities and Management shared: ISCM-UEH aims to develop education integrated with research and real projects; as well as a place connecting universities, stakeholders, the community, and the creativity of young and dynamic students in all different fields; through the application of technology to propose solutions that contribute to solving urban problems in existing resources effectively. Successful implementation of the series of events "Shaping the unknown future toward smart city" supported ISCM-UEH in the initial implementation of the school's multi-disciplinary development orientation as well as achieving the aforementioned goals. The series of events has created a large international network, attracting more than 20 management, education and business units; more than 30 speakers and judges from Asia - Europe - America - Australia - Africa and each webinar has more than 600 attendees worldwide.

Dr. Trinh Tu Anh - Director of Institute of Smart Cities and Management was sharing more information about ISCM and its activities

The comprehensive cooperation agreement between the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and the Company B+H Architects

ISCM was established in May 2020, the Institute has implemented many activities connecting more than 40 leading experts and professors, leaders, universities, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world; especially, jointly organize successfully a series of events connecting the community and spreading knowledge "Shaping the Unknown Future toward Smart City". In the context of the unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the series of events still attracts the attention and participation of the community in the fields of management, environment, economy, planning, architecture ... across the world. This is a typical example, in the uncertain future, each country - every organization - every individual needs flexibility and creativity, innovative thinking to be able to prepare, adapt, restore and develope.

The series of events includes 05 main activities: (1) The first international online contest "Future City: Smart Design for Post-Pandemic World" for students of 400 global universities; (2) Online international summer camp: "Smart Design Thinking to Lead Post-Pandemic Urban Future" for students of 03 countries: Vietnam, Korea and Myanmar; (3) Exhibitions and Workshop: "Smart Future City" - A place to show outstanding products, obtained from a series of events such as gameization applications to develop the R2S educational platform, smart travel application or VR products in management, design and planning…; (4) International series of Webinars with the theme of Smart City includes 04 seminars and 01 talk show held online and directly around the main topic of approaches to solving urban issues for urban development. clever; (5) International Launching UEH-ISCM event, awarding the first international competition "Future City: Smart Design for the Post-Pandemic world".

The first international design contest "Future City: Smart Design for Post Pandemic World" is one of the most prominent activities of the series of events: "Shaping the Unknown Future toward Smart City". This is the first international design competition held for students worldwide for the first time with the hot topic of "post-pandemic". The contest has approached and attracted the participation of students from more than 400 universities around the world. With more than 50 submissions from all over many countries, the jury of professors and experts from 13 universities and 14 domestic and international enterprises through 3 rounds of exams found the most unique ideas and expressions about a future post-pandemic city from the perspective and perception of young people around the world. Final result: "Most beloved submission" voted on ISCM fanpage is the submission "Chess Board market post Covid 19" (Vietnam); "The most favorite submission from sponsors" is the submission "Vertical restaurant" (Korea); Third Prize: The submission "Smart SpiderWeb Model" (Australia); Second Prize: "Smart TOD" contest (Vietnam); First Prize: "Neutral Zone" submission (Vietnam).

Mr. Park Jin Ho, General Director of Handong Construction Company, Korea awarded "Most beloved submission" prize

Dr. Dinh Cong Khai - Head of State Administration Department went on stage to award the team with the Second Prize

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - UEH Principal came to the stage to award the Winning Team

Smart city (Smart city) is the topic and direction of urban research and development that many countries, research organizations, companies ... focus on in the overall planning. This is also the topic that Institute of Smart Cities and Management (ISCM) under the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City chose to be the main target to pursue, creating an open environment for domestic and foreign researchers, partners and students to work together to solve the problem of smart urban development with integrated perspectives, creative thinking and following world trends.

Some other photos at the event:

Delegates visiting the exhibition

Participants tested urban simulations, VR applications, AR, 3D printing, gamification... 

Delegates took souvenir photos


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News, photos: Marketing - Communication Department, Institute of Smart Cities and Management.