Opening Ceremony of Course 46 Regular University: Ready to be an UEH student in the digital age

Attending the program, on the guest side were Mr. Tran Kim Chung - Chairman of C.T Group; Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang - Chairman of, Former CEO of Facebook Vietnam; Mr. Nguyen Khac Nguyen - Director of Human Resource Division, Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB). On the UEH side, there are Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong - Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, Chairman of the School Council; Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal; Prof.Dr. Nguyen Trong Hoai - Vice Principal; Dr. Bui Quang Hung - Vice Principal; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Chairman of Advisory Council; Dr. Bui Quang Viet - President of the School Union; Head, Deputy Head of the university's unit, along with 1000 students representing the university's students. 

The story "Ready to be an UEH student in the digital age" begins with arousing curiosity, asking questions and challenging the creativity of new students about the digital age. As a digital generation, students will have access to many opportunities and at the same time face many challenges. How to adapt and turn challenges into opportunities? The story is extended with multi-dimensional perspectives from school leaders, successful alumni and business leaders. Alternating in the story is a reminder of the sustainable values that each UEH student needs to inscribe and constantly practice to steadily step on the ladder to success, regardless of age or era.

The digital age is an opportunity and a challenge for students and the university, UEH has been creating the best conditions, provoking and inspiring students, the rest is their active attitude, preparation and readiness for the digital age.

From the perspective of a school leader, Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - UEH Principal gave some advice to new students: Right from the lecture hall, students must make every efforts and study constantly to accumulate knowledge and actively grasp new technologies, especially the technologies that directly affect our specialties and occupations in order to stand a chance of competing in the labor market in the context of global integration and the 4.0 industrial revolution. Students need to meet the learning requirements of the E-Learning online learning system; spend suitable time learning English in class, reading more documents and self-improving foreign language through media, internet and application (app); experiencing business semester, academic clubs, extra-curricular activities for the community... Besides, the university also creates conditions for students to go on exchanges with advanced overseas universities that are partners with UEH, or study at higher levels. Therefore, you should set a goal to strive to practice right now to challenge the opportunities that UEH brings. Build your own dream not only to work in the Vietnamese market, but also in the region and on a global scale, so that you can have a high determination in learning.

The story continues with the sharing about the efforts to achieve high results in the recent volatile entrance exams of the 46th class valedictorians, and the thoughts from successful UEH alumni about values that ​​are sustainable over time, helping students to step firmly on the ladder to success, through the Clip "Message to the future generations" and the roundtable talk. With the participation of Mr. Tran Kim Chung - Chairman of C.T Group; Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang - Chairman of, Former CEO of Facebook Vietnam; Dr. Dinh Tien Minh - Head of Marketing - Faculty of International Business - Marketing UEH; Mr. Nguyen Khac Nguyen - Director of Human Resource Management Division of ACB, the seminar asked guests many questions about the challenges in the digital age and how to respond to the future generation of human resources in the international labour market in general, financial and banking personnel; particularly in the field of urban development and technology these days. Answering the question of how to adapt in the university environment and the role model of students in the digital age, Ms. Le Diep Kieu Trang - President of, Former CEO of Facebook Vietnam shared with the students Course 46: It is important that students note the method of learning. In the digital age, people can only outwit machines in the field of leadership, connectivity, the ability to move human emotions and critical thinking. During college, students need to pay attention to digital subjects, at the same time practice critical thinking, leadership, connectivity…

All together create a living story, a 1-0-2 opening ceremony about a generation of UEH students ready for the digital age. The opening ceremony has left a special mark, marked a new beginning, aroused strong inspiration and motivation for students so that besides studying at the school, they can actively self-study, passionately explore and discover, rise to grasp digital technology, and become a future global citizen.

Course 46 Regular university enrolls 5,932 students with 21 fields/majors. University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is currently the leading national university with a high reputation in the fields of economics, administration and law training in Vietnam. UEH has been ranked in the Top 1000 best business schools in the world according to Eduniversal ranking and Top 25 best universities in the world "Contribution to lifelong career development" according to U-Multirank. Over 44 years of establishment and development, UEH has become a training place for successful economists, managers, entrepreneurs with Outstanding quality - Practices - Reaching the world.

Some photos at the opening ceremony:

School leaders entered the hall to attend the opening ceremony

An overview of the opening ceremony

Welcome musical performance: The song "Tu hao UEH" and the song "Truong gi ma xin the" is based on the famous song by Justa Tee - "Lam gi phai hot" by the Department of Movement - Volunteer Youth Union rewrote the lyrics

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal gave the opening speech of the course

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao - Head of Training Department announced the decision to establish the course

MSc. Nguyen Van Duong - Head of the Division of Care and Support for the learner administered the commendation and awarding scholarships to the Valedictorians of Admission to Course 46

Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong - President of the School Council and Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal awarded certificates of merit, scholarships and bonuses to students

The traditional flag procession

The roundtable talk shared discussion and inspired new generations of "Challenges that may be faced in the digital age and how to adapt and turn into opportunities"

Course 46 students asked questions to the guests

Prof.Dr. Su Dinh Thanh - Principal gave a souvenir gift to the guest speakers

Singer Le Thien Hieu had musical exchange with students

Ms. Truong To Nhu - Public Relations Manager (Marketing - Communication Department) awarded the minigame "Ready to be a new student in the digital age"

The joy of the new students on the opening day

Students watched at the videoconference at Campus B

News, photos: Marketing - Communication Department.