UEH's Culture



1.      Be proud of upholding UEH’s tradition.

2.      Respect the teacher and morality, live meaningfully.

3.      Unite and support each other.

4.      Develop in harmony with the community.



1.      Traditional values

UEH preserves its traditional values throughout the time by updating its cultural and historical system and spreading it in order to create a cultural connection the different generations which have been - and are - studying and working at UEH.

2.      Future values

With the aim of becoming a research-oriented university; and a prestigious training, research and consultancy center on science in Asia; UEH has been promoting its tradition to build a modern, friendly and normative UEH culture that meets the direction of developing education at UEH in particular and in Vietnam in general.

3.      Culture of scientific research

In the process of implementing and evaluating scientific research activities of individuals and organizations, UEH’s officers and students always honor scientific truth, non-profit research, scientific criticism; respect intellectual property, research ethics and oppose plagiarism.

4.      Behavioral culture

UEH creates a professional, friendly, modern, well-disciplined and efficient learning and working environment. UEH’s staff including officers, employees and students are always guided by standards of behavior which raise awareness and responsibility; ensure integrity and honesty; guarantee respect for themselves and others in the studying and working process at UEH.



1.      For UEH authorities

  • Acting appropriately and in accordance with laws, UEH regulations and Vietnamese traditions
  • Respecting the dignity and rights of others
  • Setting example in complying with rules and regulations; fulfilling self responsibilities; keeping self and UEH reputation
  • Treating staffs fairly and is considerate of their circumstances, assisting staffs in competing their tasks
  • Being friendly, honest and providing opportunities for staff members to express their opinions
  • Being fair and objective in evaluating staff performance
  • Being patient and persuasive

2.      For staff members

-  In relation to UEH authorities

  • Fulfilling contractual obligations to the employers
  • Performing assigned tasks with full professional responsibility and bringing forth suggestions regarding the administration of UEH

-  In relation to colleagues

  • Integrating, cooperating for the common targets and objectives; building a good relationship at work
  • Being friendly, open, respectful, honest and considerate of others’ circumstances; fulfilling assigned tasks; willing to help colleagues performing their tasks
  • Speaking appropriately; giving criticism that are appropriately motivated and positively intended, in a timely manner; welcoming criticism and seeking to understand the criticism for appropriate adjustments
  • Working on time ; participating all the necessary meetings
  • Learning actively

-  In relation to students

  • Treating students with dignity and respect and is considerate of their circumstances
  • Working with student-concentrated goals; facilitating learning activities

3.      Of students

-  Code of behaviour in classroom

  • Respecting teachers
  • Learning actively, being honest, truthful and critical
  • Complying with, and encouraging others to comply with laws and UEH rules and regulations
  • Keeping classrooms green and clean
  • Actively participating in community activities

-  Code of conducts within UEH

  • Acting appropriately, being self-respectful, polite and gentle
  • Respecting teachers and other UEH staff members; being friendly to other students
  • Dressing appropriately and in a manner that shows respect to themselves, to others and to the UEH
  • Being economical, saving UEH properties
  • Being proud to be a part of UEH.