Organizational Structure


UEH Council

Board of Management

I. Management Departments

  1. Administration Office
  2. Department of Personnel
  3. Department of Research Administration - International Relations
  4. Department of Training Management - Student Affairs
  5. Department of In-Service Training Management
  6. School of UEH Graduate
  7. International School of Business
  8. Department of Communications and Public Relations
  9. Department of Scheduling - Testing
  10. Department of Quality Assurance - Curriculum Development
  11. Department of Political Affairs
  12. Department of Finance - Accounting
  13. Department of Information Technology
  14. Department of Facilities
  15. Department of Inspectorate

II. Schools and Faculties

  1. School of Economics
  2. School of Management
  3. School of International Business - Marketing
  4. School of Public Finance
  5. School of Finance
  6. School of Banking
  7. School of Accounting
  8. School of Economic Mathematics - Statistics
  9. School of  Business Information Technology
  10. School of Political Studies
  11. School of Law
  12. School of Government
  13. School of Foreign Languages for Economics
  14. School of Tourism
  15. Faculty of Physical Training

III. Student Services

  1. Library
  2. Centre for Student Assistance
  3. Office of the Communist Party and Socio - Political Organizations
  4. Centre for Entrepreneur Development
  5. UEH Publishing House
  6. Board of Constructional Projects Management
  7. Medical Centre

IV. Scientific, Technological and Economic Information Bodies

  1. Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies
  2. UEH Institute of Innovation
  3. Institute of Human Resources Development Research
  4. Institute of Development Economics Research
  5. Institute of Public Policy
  6. International Language and Country Studies Institute
  7. Economy and environment partnership in Southeast Asia
  8. Institute of Business Research
  9. Centre for Database - Economic analysis
  10. Centre for Excellence in Management and Development

V. Companies and Services

  1. Economic Book Company, Ltd.
  2. Printing Company, Ltd.

VI. Political - Social organisations

  1. Office of Communist Party
  2. Labour Union
  3. Youth Union - Student Association

VII. Centres, Programmes, Projects cooperating with foreign universities

  1. Fullbright Economics Teaching Program
  2. CFVG - France Vietnamese Centre For Management Education
  3. Vietnam – The Netherlands Program
  4. Vietnam – The New Zealand Program

UEH Alumni