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10:33 - 09/11/2016

Master Programs (by Coursework)


2 years

Admission Requirements


  • Applicants should have Bachelor degrees in economics or business and management.
  • Applicants with Bachelor degrees in different fields (not in foreign language) should have certificates of additional business knowledge certified by University of Economics Hochiminh City (UEH).
  • Applicants with Bachelor degrees in close fields of the enrolling ones are supposed to take bridge-courses to be eligible for the entrance test, pursuant to Notice No. 1442 / TB-ĐHKT-VSĐH issued on June 25, 2014 by UEH.
  • Any bachelor degrees and academic transcripts from foreign educational institutions should be translated into Vietnamese and notarized and submitted together with their certified documents from Department of Education Testing and Accreditation.

Work Experience

  • Recent graduates in economics with good (and upward) graduate grade are eligible to take entrance test right away. Other applicants should have at least one year's work experience after graduating from college to be eligible (from the date of signing the graduation decision to the entrance test date).

Admission Method

Entrance Examination

Entrance test subjects

Include: English (conditions to be exempted from the English test are specified in the admission announcement), foundation subjects and specialization subjects.

For majors of Banking and Public Policy:

  • Foundation subjects: Economic Mathematics
  • Specialization subjects: Economics

For major of Business Administration:

  • Foundation subjects: Economic Mathematics
  • Specialization subjects: Management

For major of Economic Management:

  • Foundation subjects: Economic Mathematics
  • Specialization subjects: Public Management

All tests are in written format with the duration of 180 minutes except for English (120 minutes).

Intake Information

  • Intake 1: admission under the requests from local authorities , entrance exam on March
  • Intake 2: general admission, entrance exam on July

Delivery Mode and Schedule

Evenings during the week / Saturdays and Sundays / a month every quarter

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are paid in installments according to the total number of credits of each module of each major.

The master degrees awarded after graduation

Master of Economics

Opportunities for Higher Learning

Students can attend higher education programs: Doctoral programs


  • Banking
  • Business Administration



School of UEH Graduate - University of Economics Hochiminh City

Address: Room 001, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ward 6, District 3

 Phone: (08) 38 295 437 - (08) 38 235 277